Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stick a fork in it...

Seasons definiteley over!
We got one last great sail in on the 18th. Sunny, flat and breezy. We took the boat downtown and went past Navy Pier.

Then the inevitable terror of haulout/trailering the boat. I'm really thinking next year we might just sail the boat to the yard, and save me the nailbiting trailer chase.

Whats on the schedule for boatwork this winter? Jack! There are lots of jobs I can think of, like draining/sealing the deadwood, fairing the bottom, etc etc. but the boat is good enough for what we're doing with it next year, so I think I might just take the winter off 88 projects for once, and save a bunch of money and frostbitten fingers. Nationals next year is TBD, and depending on where they hold it we may or may not go, which could change this plan, but right now I think it's pretty light winter projects.