Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here are a few videos of racing from last Saturday.  We went 1-2 and the weekend was part of our Andrew Kerr clinic.  Have so many ntoes and videos, but no time to put them all up yet.  Top video is a douse with free fly, followed by our attempt at a VMG (vs wide-tight) rounding.  Below is a set.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lump update 7-7-12

Been a bit (lot) crazy at work the last couple weeks, so have really had zero time to sail, much less write about it!

On 6-2 we had a new first for 88 (and not the good kind) as I was too sick to sail.  Really bummed about it, but we missed 3 windy races and I stayed in bed and had hallucinations. Yuck.

6-16 was a bit better, as we actually got the boat out sailing.  Lots of new crew with me, Andy on main, Phil B on jib,  Matt S on pit and good 'ol boy John K on the bow.  Day started lightish, and good crew work plus some wind insight from Phil put us in first (barely)  Second race the wind piped up and we had some rock and or roll on the downwinds,  leading us to eventually go jib and main for the win.

Next week we missed _another_ day of racing (luckily they only got 1 off in ligth and fluky conditions) but it was worth it as Niki and I headed out to Shields LIS districts in CT.  Crappy start to teh weekend with a cancelled flight, followed by 2 hrs waiting on standby, followed by getting to the airport at 4am to wait for 2 more standby flights, but we eventually made it to NY, ran to the car, ran to the power boat, towed Bam's Shields across the sound at dangerous speed, and found we'd missed 3 races already!  We got the boat put together (mostly during the start sequence for R4!) and won the pin, went flying out to the left, and then crossed the fleet looking like big damn heroes.  Naturally, we got a giant windshift and got swept back to last, then crawled to 4th.  Next race was better, and we got a 2nd before heading back to Seawanhaka YC (aka the nicest YC on earth) for some severe overindulgence in food (thanks NYYC shellfish bar!) and drink (Do not give Kristian rum and beer and vodka and wine, really. Don't)

Next day started pretty crappy when we barged and got luffed into the committee boat. ouch!  We got 4 more races in, which was quite fun and although we placed 5th for the event each race was quite close and challenging.  Had a great time in NY, thanks Bam and Karen!

Back in Chicago we sailed the Kennedy Cup, fleet 3's crew regatta. I was overjoyed when Andy drove the first race from prestart to finish, and we really got a lot better in our new roles. Especially enjoyed the final downwind.  I was trimming and we both got good at communicating pressure and angle, and closed up nearly 1/4 mile to the leaders.  Got a 4th, but it was great to give someone else a chance to drive!  Next start Jacob drove and got a stellar start at the pin, which we held for quite a while until the idiot bow (me) had a slow drop and 45 snuck ahead for the win.

Series racing continued today, and we had some more revolving door crew, with me, Jocelyn P back from retirement,  Matt S on jib and pit, and Niki up front.  Was a bit nervous going into the day, as we'd not all sailed together and the forecast was for big NE breeze and waves with potential storms.  The crew really came together effectively, and we had a great time winning all 3 races.  Highlights were the incredible surfing on the runs.  We got the boat sorted enough that we'd cleat everything, and Niki would call waves at which point I'd pump the guy and we got quite effective at it,  as it was worth about 1/2 length every big wave.  Upwind was brutal, and we had lots of falls and near misses as the crew got battered in the chop.  Everyone has some serious bruising!

We're stitting in third for the season, which I find uncomfortable, but when we've actually made it out I feel we've sailed well in varied conditions with lots of different crew combinations.  Quite pleased to find we have lots of depth and can switch up positions and still be effective.